Translation of the French play “Pere Ubu” A. Jarry

for the The Faux-Real Theatre Company

Prose and Poetry

“Premier Ouvrage ou Les Annees Grises, 25 ans de ma Vie, Annees d’Inspiration, 28 ans de ma Vie”    

“Pensees et Emotions, Visions et Sensations, la Vie d’un Etre Humain”

“Le genre ingenu ou le Secret”    

“Ouvrages Inertes, Inertia”   

“A Peaceful World”



“The sincerity of Scarcity”


“As within so without”

“New Days, New Ways"



“Sleepy Becky”    “Blue Border”    “Emerge”     “The Anti-Trucker”   

“228 Slone Square”    “The Cave” 


The Upside down Television (Woodstock, NY)

Esquisses de l’Ame (International Poetry)

Mannequin House (Photo and writing blog)

Post Blank-Post Porn Madgleam Press (Brooklyn, NY)

TV Show

Cable TV Show Ch.3 Woodstock, NY, “Dogs on Patrol"