- height: 5'6" - weight: 115 lbs - eyes: blue - hair: brown -

Tatovi Podob killer                                   jane/bass player                              Club Gromka Ljubjana

The Gospel According to St Matthew (Paul Bargetto)    satan/soldier/pharisee                        The Underground Zero Festival

The Seagull (Catskill Point Production)               masha                                         Catskill Point

Innocents (Ripetime)                                  lily bart/ensemble                            La Mama, etc./Clark Theatre

The Magdalene Project (Jennifer Pierce)               mary magdalene                                The Sargent Theatre

Midsummer Night’s Dream (Physical Plant)              titania                                       Soho 20

The Maids (LeadApron Production)                      solange                                       Kraine Theatre

Esther (Millenium Arts)                               elise                                         Angel Orensaz Foundation

Ubu Roi (Faux-Real Theatre Co.)                       pere and mere ubu/ensemble                    Expanded Arts

Igloo Tales (Faux-Real Theatre Co.)                   fox/ensemble                                  Todo Con Nada

The Haunted House (Faux-Real Theatre Co.)             ophelia/fairy                                 Flamboyant Theatre

The Misanthrope (Acme Players)                        basque                                        The Playquest Theatre


Measure for Measure (D.Schonbach)                     isabella                                      The Colony Café

Short Shorts (Faux Real Theatre Co.)                  ensemble                                      Botanica

Weller’s Calling (Crux 24 Hour Play)                  jeri                                          Present Company Theatorium

That’s All (Acme Players)                             miss x, miss y                                The Theatre Studio

The Anti-Trucker (The Village Troubadours)            the bitch                                     Woodstock CH 3 Cable TV

Emerge (The Village Troubadours)                      the traveler                                  Tinker St. Cafe

Mother Courage (Theatre de l’Hethee)                  mother courage                                Le Lavoir Moderne


Thugs                                                 anna                                          Glen River

Nothing Really Happens                                the waitress                                  Freight Films / Fred Newman

The Photographer                                      pool hustler                                  CounterClock Productions

Alexandre                                             the woman                                     P. Buzzanca / F. Tondato

Medusa’s Eyes                                         medusa                                        New York Film Academy

No more Fears                                         elle                                          Olivier Marcelly

The Empress of IceCream                               eleonore                                      Purple Production

My Demise                                             hope                                          Julie Bernard

                                                                                                    (1st Prize LI Film Fest)


Cable TV Show Ch.3 “Dogs on Patrol” (host/producer)

-Musical Performance 

Sand Sea” (music & text) ADF 1993

Les Chansons de Piaf” (voice) Interarts Colony

-Writing & Directing

Sleepy Becky”/“Blue Border”/“Emerge”/“The Anti-Trucker”/“228 Slone Square”/“The Cave"

-Dance Performance

2” (dance / choreography) Interarts Colony

Lost and Found” (composition) Theatre de la Jeune Lune


Scene Study

Conservatoire Raymond Girard (French Classics), Paris, France

Susan Grace Cohen (Scene Study, Method Acting), New York

Theatre de L’Hethee (Scene Study, Voice, Movement), Paris, France

The Actors Center (Scene Study: Frank Deal, Shakespeare & the Voice: Grace Zandarski), New York

Eugenia Buerklin (Scene Study, Method Acting) New York

Voice & Singing

Elizabeth Hodes Musical Theatre

The Roy Hart Theatre

The Guitar Center at The New School


Martha Graham / Jose Limon Institute (Modern Dance)

NaCl ( Viewpoints & Grotowski)

Theatre de La Jeune Lune (LeCoq)

Zach Fuller (Viewpoints & Grotowski)

Theatre du Soleil (mask) Azumaru (Butoh)

Scholarship for The American Dance Festival 1993 (Voice, Movement, Theatre)


Writer, Singer, Guitar, Keys, Bass, Vocals, French-English Translator & Proofreader, Reiki II Practitioner, Yoga Teacher